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(and a splendid time at HIFF was had by all!)

Marshall Sound Design is very proud to have provided the complete audio editorial package for writer/director Eric Steele’s feature film

Bob Birdnow’s Remarkable Tale of Human Survival and the Transcendence of Self.

Produced by Adam Donaghey this incredible work, featuring an outstanding debut performance by Barry Nash (pictured at right with sound designer/re-recording mixer Johnny Marshall) and an equally impressive supporting role by Robert Longstreet, premiered to critical acclaim at the Hamptons International Film Festival.

Keep an eye (and an ear) on this one!

2013 Indie Memphis Film Festival

Awards Ceremony 

“and the

Ron Tibbett Excellence in Filmmaking Award

goes to . . . “

Bob Birdnow's Remarkable Tale of Human Survival and Transcendence of Self

directed by Eric Steele

produced by Adam Donaghey

sound design by Johnny Marshall

Shane Carruth’s feature film, UPSTREAM COLOR, stars Amy Seimetz, Shane Carruth, Andrew Sensenig, Thiago Martins, Frank Mosley, and Carolyn King.

The film premiered at Sundance 2013 where it was honored with the U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Sound Design.


“. . . a film that we thought had absorbing use of sound and incredible aural inventiveness. The U.S. Dramatic Special Jury Award for Sound Design goes to Shane Carruth and Johnny Marshall for Upstream Color.

                                                       - Clare Stewart, BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE

            “Upstream Color - beautiful, poetic art”

                                                          - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

                                                    “intensely elliptical sight-and-sound collage”

                                                                                                        - Justin Chang, VARIETY

                        “a unique mind-bending achievement”

                                                                      - Jordon M. Smith, IONCINEMA    

“one of the most immersive soundscapes I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to in a film”

                                                                                                                    - Aaron Peck, HIGH-DEF DIGEST

Toby Halbrooks(prod - Ain’t Them Bodies Saints) short film DIG had its world premier at the 2014 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in Park City, UTAH.

MSD provided the sound design and 5.1 mix for the film. The odds of having a short film in Sundance that year was .008 percent. DIG was one of the 66 short films selected out of 8,161 submissions so major kudos go out to all involved!

Click on the live link below to view the short.

A short clip from the 2013 Sundance Film Festival Awards Ceremony

Sincerest thanks go to the LONDON CRITICS’ CIRCLE for honoring the sound design that Shane Carruth and Johnny Marshall created for UPSTREAM COLOR with their nomination for Technical Achievement of the Year. Congratulations go to Tim Webber, the winner in this category, for his visual effects in GRAVITY. Click on the live link at right for a complete listing of the categories and nominees in the 2014 LONDON CRITICS’ CIRCLE FILM AWARDS.

Other films on the “shorts list” that were posted at MSD in 2014 include:


     writer+director: Liz Franke   

     producers: Kelly Snowden, HutcH, Augustine Frizzell, Liz Franke

     starring: Liz Franke, J.B. Edwards. Max Hartman, Christopher Cassarino, Augustine Frizzell

     edited by: Liz Franke

     director of photography: HutcH

     sound designer/re-recording mixer: Johnny Marshall


     writer+director: Jason Reimer   

     producers: Kristen Butler, Barak Epstein, Adam Donaghey, Jason Reimer

     starring: Eric Steele, Miranda Parham, Van Quatro

     edited by: Jason Reimer

     director of photography: Jake Wilganowski, Fabian Aguirre, Bret Curry

     composer: J Reimer

     sound designer/re-recording mixer: Johnny Marshall


     writer+director: Norman Gregory McGuire   

     producers: John Belew, Carolina Hernandez, Norman Gregory McGuire, Ben Loggins

     starring: Marc Jeffreys, Callisto Griffeth, Nick Seidel

     director of photography: Ian Sharar

     edited by: Zach Waldt

     composer: Amin Emam

     sound designer/re-recording mixer: Johnny Marshall



Feature Films posted at MSD in 2014 include:


     writer+director: Patrick Wang   

     producers: James Cummings, Erich Lochner, Matt Miller, Patrick Wang, Benjamin Wiessner

     starring: Wendy Moniz, Trevor St. John, Rachel Dratch, Mike Faist, Sonya Harum

     director of photography: Frank Barrera

     edited by: Elwaldo Baptiste

     composer: Aaron Jordan

     music: Anniversaire, Andy Wagner

     sound designer/re-recording mixer: Johnny Marshall


     writer+director: Michael Bachochin   

     producers: Michael Bachochin, Kyle Downs

     starring: Lindsay Rathert, James R. Doherty, Matthew Urban, Brian Rooney

     director of photography: Camrin Petramale

     edited by: Yusef Baig

     composer: Aaron Gilhuis

     sound designer/re-recording mixer: Johnny Marshall


     director: John W. Yost   

     producers: Frank Mosley, John Yost

     starring: Frank Mosley, Katie Hawthorne, Andrew Sensenig, Robert Longstreet

     director of photography: Sean Donnelly

     edited by: John W. Yost

     composer: Dr. D. Stine

     sound designer/re-recording mixer: Johnny Marshall



Documentary Films posted at MSD in 2014 include:

THE VERDIGRIS: In Search of Will Rogers

     director: Beau Jennings   

     producers: Eric Steele, Adam Donaghey

     director of photography: Bradley Beesley

     edited by: Jack Pyland

     composer: Beau Jennings

     sound designer/re-recording mixer: Johnny Marshall


     director: Carolyn Macartney   

     producers: Carolyn Macartney

     starring: Arianne Margot, Zach Rose

     director of photography: Kimby Caplan

     edited by: Nick Lindsay, Kelly Sellers, Sai Selvarajan

     composer: Steve James

     sound designer/re-recording mixer: Johnny Marshall


2X at SXSW 2015

MSD provided the audio post on two films that had their world premiere at SXSW 2015 in Austin, Texas


NY director Patrick Wang’s (In The Family) latest feature, THE GRIEF OF OTHERS, is based on the critically acclaimed novel by Leah Hager Cohen and stars Wendy Moniz, Trevor St. John, Rachel Dratch, Mike Faist, and Sonya Harum. The film premiered in the Narrative Feature competition at SXSW.




Dallas based director Casey Gooden’s (prod-Upstream Color) latest film, WE’LL FIND SOMETHING, stars Shane Carruth, Amy Seimetz, and Julia Farell. The film premiered in the Narrative Shorts competition at the festival.



When an anonymous caller confesses to a murder during a radio show, a man listening becomes convinced that the caller is the person responsible for the disappearance of his fiancé. This begins a journey that leads to a face-to-face meeting with the killer. Such is the premise of Chadney Coole’s new thriller feature and as depicted in the movie poster - things are not always as they seem.

Keep an eye out for SWEET DARLING starring Steven Hauck, Jaime Zevallos, Danielle Burgess, and Marc Cubelli .


John Bryant’s documentary on the making of Stewart Copeland’s symphonic work GAMELAN D’DRUM featuring Stewart (THE POLICE), D’Drum (a world renowned percussion ensemble) and Maestro Zaap Van Zweden conducting the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.


Cameron Bruce Nelson’s feature film SOME BEASTS is currently in audio post at MSD. The film stars Frank Mosley (Upstream Color), Heather Kafka (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints), and Lindsay Burdge (Frances Ha) and was beautifully shot by the award winning cinematographer HutcH (Jury Award for Cinematography at DIFF).


Jefferson Stein’s short film recently premiered at the Pasadena 2015 International Film Festival. The film stars Georgia Rose Bell and Chase Harrington in a touching film of a father and daughter dealing with a tragic loss.


Director Judd Myers’ short film thriller starring Joey Morris and Susana Gibb with music score by Jason Reimer.


2X at CANNES 2015

As detailed below (2X at SXSW 2015), Patrick Wang’s second feature film, THE GRIEF OF OTHERS, went on to screen at FESTIVAL DE CANNES 2015 while his first feature film, IN THE FAMILY, was playing in theaters in France. Congrats to Patrick on two outstanding films that MSD is proud to have provided the complete audio editorial and mix.


While at SXSW Johnny had the pleasure of meeting Trey Edward Shults, the newly acclaimed director of the SXSW Grand Jury Award winning feature film, KRISHA and producer Justin Chan. Following it’s win at SXSW Johnny was asked to provide additional sound design for KRISHA, work on score elements with the composer, Brian McOmber, some adr with KRISHA stars, Krisha Fairchild and Robyn Fairchild,and then prep the tracks for a remix at SKYWALKER SOUND. The film went on to screen at CANNES 2015 with a newly revised sound design and sound mix. This incredibly powerful film was honored with standing ovations at both of the two CANNES screenings. Kudos to TREY and all involved in this emotionally driven debut film.




Director William Kaufman’s (THE HIT LIST) post apocalyptic thriller feature film starring Lance Henriksen, Johnny Strong, Louis Mandylor, Mark Hanson, Susana Gibb, Farah White and Heather Kafka.


Director Arthur Muhammad’s high school football dramatic feature film starring Vivica A. Fox and Charles S. Dutton is based on real events. The movie chronicles the rise and fall of, what many consider, the most talented high school football team ever to play the game. The film was released in theaters nationwide.


Director Frank Mosley’s mercurial narrative about a stage actress reuniting with an old friend. The short film stars Katey Parker, Danielle Pickard, Carolyn King, and Natalie Young.



Writer/director Alberto Roldan’s film “Everything & Everything & Everything” premiered internationally at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and had its U.S. premiere at the 2014 Hamptons Internationl Film Festival. Produced by Cate Smierciak, David Lassiter, and Alberto Roldan the film stars Shane Carruth (Primer, Upstream Color) and Makeda Declet (House of Payne). MSD provided the sound design and 5.1 mix. We even brought out the ol’ mini-moog model D for this one!


5X at SIDEWALK 2015

A wonderful time was had by all at the 2015  SIDEWALK FILM FESTIVAL

MSD is honored to have worked on 5 films that screened there.

2 features:

Cameron Nelson’s SOME BEASTS and Trey Edward Shults’ KRISHA


3 shorts:


Liz Cardenas Franke’s TREADING WATER,

and Judd Myer’s SON


KRISHA went on to win BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE at the festivel!

Major congrats to Trey and his team.



Currently in post at MSD is Randy Redroad’s (THE DOE BOY, AMONG RAVENS) heart warming feature film CROSSING THE LINE starring Trevor St. John (THE GRIEF OF OTHERS, IN THE FAMILY) and Richard T. Jones (AMERICAN HORROR STORY, NARCOS). Produced by SUSAN CARTER, the film centers around the emotional growth of a group of wayward boys staying at the infamous Cal Farley’s Ranch in the Texas panhandle.